A New Catalogue of Zara for This Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012

After the cold season premiere Zara offered us in their first catalog (at least in its first Zara Man line), the Spanish firm seeks to return to the good reviews in the form of a new campaign Returns to repeat that exceedingly sober atmosphere which lately is usual.


Ode to a White Shirt by Palmer / / Harding

Shoulder straps will leave and return, the skins will pass by best and worst times, blocks of color will live moments of fury and contempt, the shorts are shortened and will be lengthened; the turtlenecks, overlays, vests, parkas and many other items will pass into oblivion to then recover them, but a white shirt will always […]


Is Another Look of Versace for H & M Collection

Since you have the happy news that Versace would be the new weapon of moneymaking in H & M, many have been the male looks that have been appearing slowly. Despite the fact that the female campaign has not had no qualms about being published, the male we’ve gone to know it little by little, […]


Looks That Abercrombie & Fitch Is Proposing for This Christmas

With the expected opening of the store of Abercrombie & Fitch in Madrid on November 3, We are sure that many will set aside part of its budget to include some brand clothing in your closet New Yorker. So nothing better to do some review by the looks that proposes the signing, that is already focused on […]


A Same Look For 3 Separate Occasions

With this post I want to show how using base the same garments, in this case a satin blouse and trousers, we can use it for three different occasions according to add-ins that add you.


The Best Street-Style of The Week (LXXXIV)

We are moving ahead in the autumn months and with them our closet is changing considerably: new acquisitions, new trends, different colors and some other must from previous seasons that sees his chance to shine a little more before disappearing completely in this. And of course, since Jezebel man We want to continue offering you ideas to […]


H & M and Their Clothing with Messages against Racism

Indeed, fashion is a way of expression as valid and effective as any other. Fully aware of this, there are brands that sometimes take advantage of their collections to fight against injustice. That is the case of H & M garments that has marketed that include messages that fight racism.


This Fall Join with Pull & Bear Lumberjack Shirts Fashion

That someone pinch me, because I believe that Pull & Bear It is ceasing to be what it was. In my mind there are several groups of shops: which are always a wildcard and never disappoint (lease Zara or H & M), that when you enter is by chance (Bershka or white) and that never, under any […]